Getting Free Furniture

After a long winter, Hyde Park comes alive in spring. Flowers bloom from the dead ground, community gardens push up new shoots, and alleys all over the neighborhood sprout used furniture.

Other Neighborhoods

Moving away from the University and Hyde Park is impractical for many current students, but other neighborhoods on the South Side offer several advantages for those willing to make the commute.


Subletting, or renting from a renter, is a common practice in the neighborhoods around the University of Chicago. It is often a mutually beneficial arrangement, but weigh your options before signing anything.

Renters’ Insurance

Most people don’t think about renters insurance until they are robbed. For students especially, who move around a fair amount, it may not seem like the most enticing way to spend a few hundred dollars.

Getting a Move On

Apartment hunting can be a thrill, but packing up and moving out rarely is. While moving provides an opportunity to start anew, it also makes it painfully obvious just how much stuff you own–and how much it weighs. Rather than schlep your mattress up to a fourth-floor walk-up with your mother like I did, you might want to call in the experts.