Gimme Shelter 2013

Every year, between April and June, the student population of Hyde Park rearranges itself. Boxes are packed, dorm rooms are vacated, U-Hauls get rented, leases are signed, and a whole lot of students try and memorize a new address.

About Roommates

“I liked you better without the bangs,” the Post-it note said. A colon and a parentheses made up the “smiley face” at the end of the message. When it appeared on our shared mirror, I knew things were going downhill.

Home Style

Decorating a new apartment can be tricky, and sometimes even IKEA can fail to make that new place a home. But who said you can’t just DIY?

On Commuting

When I first moved downtown, I tried to bike to campus a few times. Unfortunately, I always forget that I am a really sweaty person, and I quickly learned why biking would be a bad idea.

El Hajji El Shabazz

El Hajji El Shabazz has been cutting hair on the South Side throughout some of the city’s, and nation’s, most turbulent changes. Born Thomas Anthony Williams Jr., El Shabazz has manned the shears at his 87th Street Truth & Soul…