In Transit

A proposal to build a bus rapid transit line on Ashland Avenue might prove to be the kind of transit project the city needs, functioning as an effective conduit between the North and South Sides.

Track Changes

A five-month, $425 million project, the Dan Ryan Red Line closure has shut down nine stations, from 95th Street to Chinatown, with the promise of improving commute times by up to twenty minutes round-trip.

Red Line Rehab

On May 19, the southern portion of the Red Line will be shut down for a $425 million rehabilitation project. Over twenty thousand South Siders will have to find an alternative route to work.

Custom Culture

Nestled between vacant lots near the dead ends of 37th and May Street in Bridgeport is the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center, a former paint warehouse that now houses various small-craft organizations.

Driven Back into the Past

The Don of Diesel, the Maharaja of Motor, the Shogun of shot brakes. Patrick Lay–owner of Hyde Park’s Foreign car hospital–is a man whose career and devotion to foreign automobiles has spanned over half a century, from the OPEC embargo…

Little Park, Big City

The first lessons a child learns growing up in a city are simple but essential: don’t talk to strangers, come home when the street lights go on, and, last but not least, never think about playing in the streets. So it’s understandable that the city’s new parklets, dubbed People Spots by the City of Chicago, take some getting used to.

A personal history

“Buzzing! This place was buzzing!” Mr. Young, the tour guide, shouted as our bus plowed north on Cottage Grove from 43rd Street. “And I mean buzzing, like people everywhere, twenty-four-seven.” Within the first few minutes of this tour sponsored by…