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In Transit

A proposal to build a bus rapid transit line on Ashland Avenue might prove to be the kind of transit project the city needs, functioning as an effective conduit between the North and South Sides.

Red, White, and Green

Although Bridgeport has a reputation as one of Chicago’s great Irish American neighborhoods, the neighborhood now supports a diverse and integrated cultural community.

A Nice Vue If You Can Get It

Last Thursday, the Chicago Plan Commission approved Mesa Development’s proposal for Vue53, a Hyde Park commercial and residential development that would replace a Mobil gas station and adjoining car wash on 53rd Street, just north of Nichols Park.


Like most people, Annie Robinson says she “used to see aging as a decline.” Now, however, she’s learned to look forward to growing old–”it’s a sort of renaissance,” she says.

Network Upgrade

Cibola provides a community-focused space that is already home to a diverse array of startups and projects, such as web developers, a bio-tech company, two film festivals, and more.