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Eyeing the field

For the first few minutes of last Saturday’s political debate, candidates for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s empty Second Congressional District seat outnumbered audience members.

Mary, Mary

On October 25, 1903, Chicago’s Polish newspapers proudly announced that Archbishop James Quigley had consecrated the new St. Mary’s Church of Perpetual Hope, creating the first Polish Roman Catholic Church in the country. This title was a long time coming for the congregation–the parish had been established 21 years earlier to serve Bridgeport’s growing Polish community.

Best of the South Side 2012

Chicago is a city that boasts, and this is our contribution. Our half of the city–the South Side–is many things, and in our annual Best Of issue, we haven’t tried to solve the riddle of what makes this place tick…


A line of officers, some in the sky blue of the CPD, others in tactical black, form a phalanx at Michigan and Cermak, while behind them, the cavalry is held in reserve. A crowd fills the street, refusing to disperse.…

Whose Destination?

Underneath the Metra tracks at 53rd Street and Lake Park, a row of gleaming bicycles sit outside on the sidewalk. In a window behind them, bikes hang inert from hooks like animal carcasses. For the past few weeks, builders have…

Views on the Protest

“It’s a joke, but it’s not a joke,” said Bunny. Clad in bright wigs, rainbow clothes, and red noses, Occupy Wall Street’s Clown Bloq managed to stand out even amid the sometimes raucously diverse crowd at Sunday’s anti-NATO protest.

California Drinkin’

The Chicago brew community has gone wild. We all know about Goose Island, but when the news broke on April 10 via Twitter that the California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company plans to open a new brewery in Douglas Park, it became…