Talk about a man

“Sin separated you from seeing the father’s love for his son, so you never knew the type of love a father should have for his son,” Lamar Simms called out. The poet bent over a mic at the head of a makeshift aisle, surrounded by the audience of more than forty that filtered into Woodlawn’s Robust Coffee Lounge on Saturday night.

The right fight

As it tends to be with academics, authors, and activists, the narrative was slightly more complicated on Saturday night. At the Experimental Station, WBEZ and the Illinois Humanities Council brought together some of Chicago’s most entrenched activists and advocates to talk about Beth Richie’s most recent book, “Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America’s Prison Nation.”

A happy, healthy soul

There’s nothing like food and laughter to strengthen communities and heal maladies. The basement auditorium of the UofC’s Logan Center was peppered with plenty of both on Sunday afternoon for the premiere Chicago screening of “Soul Food Junkies,” a new documentary by filmmaker Byron Hurt about a tasty, filling, and possibly damaging food culture.

Directing Democracy

If you didn’t know what was at stake, you might have mistaken the 5th Ward Neighborhood Assembly at St. Philip Neri School in South Shore for a small PTA meeting. By 6:40pm, less than two dozen people had gathered in the school’s blue- tiled gymnasium, only enough to fill the first two of the ten rows of seats that had been set up.

The whole song and dance

The little auditorium at the University of Chicago Charter School’s Woodlawn School is packed, full of rowdy secondary school students still wide-eyed at this time of night. The walls are a bright blue, with a faux-rococo aesthetic marking the architecture. Behind me sits a chatty group of freshman girls. They are at this show–a school performing arts exhibition–for physics extra credit.

Woodlawn & Washington Park

The communities known as Washington Park and Woodlawn, in many ways, are symbols of Chicago’s South Side. Anchored by the park itself, Washington Park was once a large blue collar community made up of workers from the nearby stockyards and…

Best of the South Side 2012

Chicago is a city that boasts, and this is our contribution. Our half of the city–the South Side–is many things, and in our annual Best Of issue, we haven’t tried to solve the riddle of what makes this place tick…

Slow-Motion Emergency

Everyone was well fed–Diane Adams made sure of it. The 56-year-old ran back and forth across the Woodlawn Mental Health Center so fast her red and orange outfit blurred into a comet.