Washington Park

A Second Look

[nggallery id=33] Cyrus Dowlatshahi is a 30-year-old Hyde Park native, Iranian-American, Vassar alum, and massage therapist. To explore a side of Chicago more often misunderstood than seen, Dowlatshahi is taking on his preferred designation–filmmaker. The project sounds quite simple–with $25,000…

Emerge and See

Imagine the shockwaves that would ensue if a slave ship docked at the feet of the Statue of Liberty in present times. Renaissance man Daniel Beaty’s dynamic one-man play “Emergency!,” which landed at the DuSable Museum for two performances this…

Redistricting Fault Lines

On October 25, the assembly hall of the Hyde Park Union Church was nearly empty. This gathering was a preliminary informational meeting concerning a process that Chicago undergoes every decade–aldermanic ward redistricting.

Room to Grow

Theaster Gates, Director of Arts and Public Life at the University of Chicago, is spearheading a new UofC Arts and Public Life initiative aimed at strengthening the connection between the arts communities on and off campus. The cornerstone of this $1.85 million University-funded initiative will be an “arts incubator” in Washington Park.

Holding Up the Line

Cecilia Butler spoke before the Chicago Transit Board for the second time in four months. The 63-year-old woman repeated what she had already said four times before: that the historic station house across the street from the Garfield Green Line stop could and should be a building operated by and for the community.

Spring Greening

Last Saturday was the last Clean and Green Day with Richard M. Daley in office. For over two decades, community action groups and teams of volunteers have organized around this annual event, removing litter from their neighborhood lawns and streets.

Seeds of knowledge

An endearingly diverse group had come together for the second installment of the Washington Park Conservancy’s Birds, Bees & Beets 2011 lecture series.

The Gospel According to Barrett

The Life Center Church of God in Christ sits on the corner of Garfield and Indiana, just east of the honorary two-and-a-half block Rev. T.L. Barrett, Jr. Blvd. The boulevard’s namesake is sitting in a pew close to the pulpit.