The Long Thoughts

“We use language for legal cases, we use it to put children to sleep, to wake them up, to write down our grocery lists. We do everything with it, in a way we don’t with dance, with music, or with painting.”

Party On

The latest show at Pilsen’s Slow, “Be the party (please don’t go),” addresses the idea of finding beauty in unlikely situations through the pairing of two unique artists, photographer Helmut Heiss and sculptor Emily Severance.

Obsession and Compulsion

“Obsessive Compulsive Drive,” a new exhibition at the Chicago Art Department, explores “the question of what drives the artist to create.” With painted bamboo panels, ambiguous photographs, Instagram photos, and mad paper and ink drawings, it’s easy to see that the line between artistic focus and mania runs thin.

Dissenting Colors

“In any field of vision, you can’t see one artist’s work without the other,” Hopkin said. “Dave’s color palette makes Carron’s look garish, whereas the brightness of Carron’s color scheme brings out the ugliness in Dave’s.”

Network Upgrade

Cibola provides a community-focused space that is already home to a diverse array of startups and projects, such as web developers, a bio-tech company, two film festivals, and more.

After the Fall

The white, empty rooms and dark floors of Pilsen’s Plaines Project Gallery have been transformed into “Stretches Topless,” an artistic mediation on the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Iraq in 2003.

Space Jam

At night, Pilsen is bathed in a kind of urban yellow. The light slides over buildings, all either half-lit or dark. What makes Roxaboxen Exhibitions striking, then, are the red letters hanging in the window.