A Confusing Calamity

Thomas Wolfe mixes more than media. His collages conflate preying birds and preening beauties, substitute blossoms for bullet-broken plywood, and suggest something strangely glandular in irises and bull’s-eyes.

You May Not Know What Happened

According to the Electromagnetic Spectrum, the “host” of “The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act,” the play is supposed to “cover some important basics: the Yeti, Charles Darwin, miracles versus non-miracles, lying, fact-checking, rope-making methods of Siberia, and flying mammals.”

Common Scents

Zorayda Ortiz–perfumer, owner of Pilsen Bike Tours, community gardener, and former medical researcher–stands in front of a mural by Alejandro Medina on the corner of South Blue Island and Cullerton. She hoists her bicycle in the air.

Where the Wind Blows

At the National Museum of Mexican Art, John Valadez’s “Santa Ana Condition” evokes a feeling of creative abandon–fitting for a collection that takes its name from winds that are notorious for starting wildfires.

Día de Los Niños

Last Saturday in Pilsen, everyone was clustered together, waiting for the lead police car to sound its sirens, move ahead, and begin the 14th Annual Día de Los Niños (Children’s Day) festival.