Grand Crossing

Food is love

The late lunch crowd at the Quench restaurant on 79th between Martin Luther King Drive and Cottage Grove Avenue silently munched away on turkey burgers and fries last Friday afternoon, their seriousness belying the vibrant burnt orange and yellow interior…

Going Once, Going Twice

With the words “Saturday Night at the Auction” proudly displayed on a massive banner across its otherwise unassuming façade, the building off the corner of 75th and Cottage Grove emanated stale light onto the sidewalk as expectant patrons filed into its doors. Last Saturday night the building was brimming with anxious bidders, each perusing the goods to be sold with discriminating taste. The goods–well, they were decidedly unlike those offered by most auctions. What did they sell? Everything you could ever imagine, but most you probably wouldn’t: piles of power tools, heaps of costumes, TVs, from Auvios to Zeniths. If you’re looking for something, but nothing in particular, this is the place for you.

Best of the South Side 2010

Literally the crossing of two major railroad lines–the Illinois Central Railroad and the Lake Shore & Michigan Railroad–this historic community area has seen better days. In the second half of the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth, the rails ruled the city (and the nation) and Grand Crossing was king of the South Side. The trains brought a labor force of European immigrants from the North and blacks from the South; industry and trade flourished, and the neighborhood became a junction not just of steam and steel, but of cultures, as well.

Beats and Eats

“Why not put food and entertainment all under one bun?” Taylor Mallory asks, reciting the slogan of his new food and music webshow, “Music Burger.” Wearing a smart sport jacket and his signature black baseball cap backwards, Mallory doesn’t look…