House Keeping

The Anti-Eviction Campaign scouts out abandoned homes and arranges for people to live in them, matching “homeless people with peopleless homes.” “It’s not necessarily about what’s right or what ought to happen, but fundamental human dignity.”


Like most people, Annie Robinson says she “used to see aging as a decline.” Now, however, she’s learned to look forward to growing old–”it’s a sort of renaissance,” she says.

Red Line Rehab

On May 19, the southern portion of the Red Line will be shut down for a $425 million rehabilitation project. Over twenty thousand South Siders will have to find an alternative route to work.

Chatham State of Mind

“This neighborhood has changed drastically,” says one Chatham resident, “and I am not happy about it.” Many other residents, she insists, feel the same way. “They’re really pissed off about what’s going on here. We are not happy.”

The Rink

James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good’ blasted overhead, a last call for skaters to steal a few final laps before the rink closed for the day. In a final display of unbridled release, for once each skater’s face told more than their footwork. “Believe it or not, sometimes at some of these sessions, you can see different expressions of how people feel the music,” says Nathanial H. Simpson Jr.

79th Street BBQ

Appearances can be a particularly difficult way to gauge the quality of a barbeque establishment. The best joints are often hole-in-the-walls, unseemly on the outside, adorned with tacky checkered patterns within, and often unheard of outside a small devoted community;…

Dat Donut

Rainbow sprinkled, toasted coconut, Boston cream pie, strawberry glazed, chocolate cake: these are only a portion of the twenty-five flavor spectrum of donuts offered at Dat Donut. With a red sign rivaling the size of its donut selection, the outpost…