Calumet Heights

How Far Will They Go

Kate S. Buckingham Special Education Center serves thirty-nine students with severe emotional disorders. If the school closes, its students will face a fourteen mile move to their new school, a trek many argue isn’t safe for them to make.

Brother Tim’s Veggies

There are two types of vegetarian restaurants.  The first type tops things with sprouts and tosses around words like seitan and tempeh.  The second type pretends it isn’t a vegetarian restaurant.  Brother Tim’s, situated near 87th and Stony Island in…

On the hunt

At noon-sharp last Saturday afternoon, a group of squirming kids in Calumet Park shuffled outdoors for the annual Easter egg hunt. A grassy area was smattered with polychromatic splotches of color that only PAAS egg dye could elicit, and the hunting grounds were marked off with yellow caution tape.

Her Soulful Highness

“Thank you for sixty years of support,” reads a white placard heading each table at Soul Queen, an all-you-can-eat soul food restaurant located at the intersection of 90th Street and Stony Island Ave. in the neighborhood of Calumet Heights. Soul…