Captcha Records is a local record company that likes to party. And they showed it off last Friday at a label showcase in Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere. The musician working the iPad for The North doodles a little more vigorously on…

The Gathering

Hans Knapp has lived at the corner of 33rd and Halsted his entire life. Now, having graduated from DePaul with a math degree, he’s setting up shop just across the street. Joining him are two of his brothers, his friends, and…

Bridgeport Pasty

Every weekday, at lunchtime, the 5800 block of Ellis Avenue becomes a sort of culinary bazaar. Food trucks pour in from all over Chicago, crowding both curbs in hopes of serving the medical and university communities at once. It’s one…

Tracing Lines

“I wanna be in an open relationship with you and life forever.” So begins the most recent exhibit at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Civilization and its Malcontents

The atmosphere inside Bridgeport Art Gallery’s fourth floor showroom was disconcertingly upbeat for an exhibit titled “Anxious Object.” Guests bounced from sculpture to sculpture at the opening reception, nibbling on chunks of cheese and sipping cups of wine as they…

Dungeons, Dragons, and Design

“I was thinking about turning the implicit interactivity of gaming into something viewers could be a part of,” muses Jesse Avina, contemplative artist, while adjusting the reflectors on his tripod. This sentiment was shared by his fellow exhibitors at the Co-Prosperity Sphere’s LVL Eater 3 exhibition on Friday.

Custom Culture

Nestled between vacant lots near the dead ends of 37th and May Street in Bridgeport is the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center, a former paint warehouse that now houses various small-craft organizations.


I went to the opening night of the Will to Power Art Exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center on October 5th in an attempt to grasp this scheme of an ongoing citywide art hunt, the object of which is to discover the collaboratively made Exquisite Corpse.