Remember Me Ramova

A meal at the Ramova Grill, while it was open, was “just about getting fed,” reminisced chef Mark Mendez from behind the former diner’s counter, pouring his version of the classic Ramova chili into a serving dish at the same time.

Panels on the Wall

It’s strange to see comics up on gallery walls–not because they are somehow unworthy of a gallery setting, but because they seem to live and die in the books, newspapers, and portable electronic devices on which a single pair of…

The Young Ags

For ten hours last Saturday, a group of 300 green-thumbed Chicagoans congregated at the Benton House in Bridgeport to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all that is green. The event featured an array of activities, including a raw vegan…

The People’s Butcher

The highlight of the menu is what Schultz calls “the Badass BLT”: a Chinese bun stuffed generously with bacon, spinach, and sun-dried tomato aioli. Schultz spent almost six years perfecting the curing process for his bacon, and it shows.

Bombing Style

Mario Gonzalez Jr. calls himself a “graffiti purist, hard core.” In his show “Style Bombing,” Gonzalez brings that artistry to the gallery, expertly walking the line between fine art and street art.

Graffiti Graduates

Graffiti writing is by nature eye-catching, designed to capture the fickle attention of the passersby. “Has Beens & Wannabes” at the Zhou B Art Center certainly bears the imprint of this heritage.