The Long Thoughts

“We use language for legal cases, we use it to put children to sleep, to wake them up, to write down our grocery lists. We do everything with it, in a way we don’t with dance, with music, or with painting.”

Ivan Brunetti

“Well, Chicago is pretty much all I know. I couldn’t function anywhere else. I’m like one of those microbes that symbiotically lives inside a crab’s anus. Change makes me anxious.”

Bernardine Dohrn

Bernardine Dohrn, an alumna of the University of Chicago and current clinical associate professor of law at Northwestern, has lived in Hyde Park for the past twenty-five years. She is the founder of the Children and Family Justice Center and…

Paul Durica

“There’s just something about the scale of Chicago, and really the swagger, as Carl Sandburg would talk about it, that’s really intriguing to me.”