Radical Hospitality

Urban Village might seem like another church in a neighborhood already full of churches, but it is determined to set itself apart from the regimented, traditional ways in which Christianity is practiced elsewhere on the South Side.

The Long Thoughts

“We use language for legal cases, we use it to put children to sleep, to wake them up, to write down our grocery lists. We do everything with it, in a way we don’t with dance, with music, or with painting.”

Behind the CPS Closures

On March 21, CPS announced the closure of more than ten percent of the city’s elementary and middle schools. The decision concluded five months of conversation between communities and the district. Officials hail the effort as genuine engagement. Others call it a sham.

The Interview Issue

At the Weekly, we try our hardest to chronicle the many narratives unfolding on the South Side. This week, we’re turning the work over to others. Welcome to the interview issue.

Africa in America

  It was late on a frigid Wednesday night, and I was stranded miles from home. Immersed in a sea of unfamiliar faces, I was at a loss to ask someone for a ride home. My company was warm, but…

The Future of Woodlawn’s Housing

As the city and HUD plan Woodlawn’s future, some yearn for something more like the past. The official plan is an irresistible, seductive vision of Woodlawn’s future–a neighborhood reinventing itself anew as a place safe, immaculate, comfortable, and nothing like it was for the past couple of decades. But, will it work?

A Second Grace

Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago sits almost uncomfortably on the corner of Michigan and Cullerton, its great neo-Gothic mass of soaring arches and stone buttresses spliced into the South Loop’s unassuming landscape of sensibly sleek urban shops and apartments with…