Dance, Chance, and Possibility

At the start of Dance 4 Peace last Saturday, the spacious auditorium of the Gary Comer Youth Center, so usually bathed in light coming through its glass walls, went slowly dark in anticipation for the night’s first dance act.

Disarming Feminism

Angela Davis called for a new, expanded conception of feminism that would incorporate more inclusive imaginings of gender and race and challenge systems of mass incarceration. At times, however, Davis’ enthusiasm for expansion threatened to dilute the force of her speech.

Día de Los Niños

Last Saturday in Pilsen, everyone was clustered together, waiting for the lead police car to sound its sirens, move ahead, and begin the 14th Annual Día de Los Niños (Children’s Day) festival.

Anarchy on the Screen

The Chicago Anarchist Film Festival is in its thirteenth year, if you don’t count a pause or two since its start. This makes it one of the longest running anarchist institutions in the city.

A Sweet Saturday Night

In an elegant mansion on King Drive, Bernard and Denise Loyd opened their home for Saturday Night Sweets, a micro-funding art event curated by the Revival Arts Collective.