In many ways, Libby looks like other troubled schools in Englewood. But for the past four years, all students have had the opportunity to be part of the spring musical, the annual culmination of the school’s extensive arts program.

How Far Will They Go

Kate S. Buckingham Special Education Center serves thirty-nine students with severe emotional disorders. If the school closes, its students will face a fourteen mile move to their new school, a trek many argue isn’t safe for them to make.

Behind the CPS Closures

On March 21, CPS announced the closure of more than ten percent of the city’s elementary and middle schools. The decision concluded five months of conversation between communities and the district. Officials hail the effort as genuine engagement. Others call it a sham.

Sue’s Story

It was in a church basement on Drexel and 50th, in a small after-school program, where Melina Kolb first apprehended the generosity of Sue Duncan.

Debate League

They all looked alike: understated white, blue or pink shirts and dresses, perhaps a jacket draped on the back of the chair, sporting loosened ties and conservative handbags. Most of the attendees were teachers. On last Wednesday night, however, similarities stopped at the sartorial at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Which Side Are You On?

For parents, the strike meant time off of work or shelling out for extra childcare–sometimes even improvised home schooling. For students, it meant valuable class time lost, or for the less studious, surprise no school days. For teachers, it meant…