King of the Streets

Hyde Park’s 53rd Street might just be the place for future leaders to find their footing. Ten years ago, in what would later become the then-Senator Obama’s political campaign headquarters, a humble skate shop decided to test the waters.

The Gathering

Hans Knapp has lived at the corner of 33rd and Halsted his entire life. Now, having graduated from DePaul with a math degree, he’s setting up shop just across the street. Joining him are two of his brothers, his friends, and…

Bridgeport Pasty

Every weekday, at lunchtime, the 5800 block of Ellis Avenue becomes a sort of culinary bazaar. Food trucks pour in from all over Chicago, crowding both curbs in hopes of serving the medical and university communities at once. It’s one…

A Different Sort of Cart

Maria-Elizabeth got her current cart seven months ago, and it is now arrayed with a neat and colorful display of bananas, tomatoes, and oranges. It’s part of a larger collaboration between the city of Chicago and two social service organizations, Streetwise and Neighbor Capital, to promote fruit stand vendors. The program hopes to tackle two social ills at once: unemployment and food deserts.

Dog Eat Dog World

On the way to the Twilight Zone, it’s possible that you’ll find two identical hot dog stands adjacent to one another, each offering the exact same meals for the exact same prices.

The Four Stomachs of Sustainability

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Eisenmann Biogas System in the gravel backyard of the Plant on November 9th, speakers ranging from Alderman Pat Dowell to Eisenmann President Mark West tried to explain how the System, represented by a circle in the gravel, would work.

Custom Culture

Nestled between vacant lots near the dead ends of 37th and May Street in Bridgeport is the Chicago Sustainable Manufacturing Center, a former paint warehouse that now houses various small-craft organizations.