Visual Arts

Where the Wind Blows

At the National Museum of Mexican Art, John Valadez’s “Santa Ana Condition” evokes a feeling of creative abandon–fitting for a collection that takes its name from winds that are notorious for starting wildfires.

Lofty Goals

When I found my way to the front entrance of the Lacuna Artists Lofts, the gallery was buzzing with an electricity reminiscent of an arcade.

A Monument to Monuments

“Hall of Khan” has turned HPAC into a riding stable, but the show is a monument to monuments, a peek into the way humans honor their history and the icons we deem important.

Puppets of the Abyss

With wife Lisa Krause, a professional puppeteer, Espey has transformed his graphic novel “Songs of the Abyss” into a grotesque puppet show he calls “Ishi’s Brain.”

Circle in the Fire

It’s Friday night, and a decidedly eclectic assortment of Chicagoans gather in the evening hours to traverse the Zhou B Art Center, sip beer, and mingle with fellow attendees.