Visual Arts

Mythic Craft

Jackalope Coffee is an ode to Bridgeport’s craft-makers–it’s a twee utopia, a Raggedy Ann hodgepodge of Etsy purchases, original artwork, and old-time neighborhood artifacts.

The Woman Behind the Lens

Vivian Maier took more than 100,000 photographs of Chicago’s streets when she wasn’t working as a nanny. To label her as a street photographer, however, oversimplifies her massively varied body of work.

Uncomfortable Intimacy

Last weekend at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, “Trying to be cute bc the abyss” briefly turned the commodious white-walled gallery into an intimate space. This intimacy was not synonymous with comfort.

Grotesque Alphabet

Some species of bird feed their chicks by regurgitation: food is first ingested by the mother before climbing back up her esophagus. Some artists do the same. Pope.L makes it work.

A Confusing Calamity

Thomas Wolfe mixes more than media. His collages conflate preying birds and preening beauties, substitute blossoms for bullet-broken plywood, and suggest something strangely glandular in irises and bull’s-eyes.

After the Dust Settles

In her latest installation, “A Bad Idea Seems Good Again,” Alison Ruttan bridges the gap between home and the battlefield through a collection of small-scale clay replicas of buildings damaged in conflict.