TV & Radio

Dungeons, Dragons, and Design

“I was thinking about turning the implicit interactivity of gaming into something viewers could be a part of,” muses Jesse Avina, contemplative artist, while adjusting the reflectors on his tripod. This sentiment was shared by his fellow exhibitors at the Co-Prosperity Sphere’s LVL Eater 3 exhibition on Friday.

Best of the South Side 2012

Chicago is a city that boasts, and this is our contribution. Our half of the city–the South Side–is many things, and in our annual Best Of issue, we haven’t tried to solve the riddle of what makes this place tick…

Open Air

Several years ago in Viroqua, Wisconsin (pop. 5,079), a group of serious radio-heads started a community station. The station, Radio Driftless, is now on FM and broadcasts full-time, and since they hit the airwaves, Viroqua has had the radio bug.…

Turning the Dial

“Oh, I’m not proud,” George Kagan says. “I don’t like the idea of pride.” But it’s hard not to imagine a justified hint of it as he weaves the tale of his 62 handcrafted radios, which are now on display at Hyde Park’s Southside Hub of Production (SHoP).

Cracking the Code

The show has left many wondering whether the Chicago Police are really the superheroes in the SUVs, and why they should be portrayed as such if they are not.

Radio noir

“Please note that some of our sounds effects are a bit loud,” the warning read. “If you have sensitive ears, you might want to keep an eye on the trash can lids.” This note, displayed during “An Evening of Classic…