Past the Line

eta Creative Arts’ current production juxtaposes two one-act plays, “Florence” and “Wine in the Wilderness,” exploring what it means to promulgate any racial agenda, white or black.

The First Play

“Throw in our free parking and it’s the best deal in town!” The young blonde usher steps down from the wooden floorboards, and an optimistic, honest country song overtakes the golf-claps of Provision Theater’s modest audience on the opening Friday…

Shine a Light

Intellectually invigorating and emotionally stimulating, Court Theatre’s presentation of “Skylight” offers the audience an attractive and slightly provocative invitation to reflect on social and moral values and the role that class plays in relationships. Written by David Hare and directed…

Talk about a man

“Sin separated you from seeing the father’s love for his son, so you never knew the type of love a father should have for his son,” Lamar Simms called out. The poet bent over a mic at the head of a makeshift aisle, surrounded by the audience of more than forty that filtered into Woodlawn’s Robust Coffee Lounge on Saturday night.

Monologues of Matter

“What does he think he is? White or something?” This line, half serious and half a joke, delivered by a bombastic barber, hits a chord that resonates throughout eta Creative Arts Foundation’s current show.

Dark Harmonies

Staging James Joyce’s moody short story “The Dead” as a holiday musical shouldn’t work. The story, after all, though set at an annual holiday gathering, ends up as one of the most foreboding and darkly poignant pieces in his collection Dubliners.…