Route 666

Four men, one woman; she’s blonde, while the guys sport variations of an unkempt jet-black mop. She, Lariyah Daniels, traverses the stage in a leather corset, while her band- mates assume their positions: guitarists riffing with their legs wide apart, drummer headbang- ing, everyone wearing an evil grin.

Resurrection Box

Ken Shipley is a hard man to shake. “I’ll call somebody a hundred times in a week if I think it’s the right person, if they don’t pick up,” he says matter-of-factly. “I’ll call some- body on an alternate cell phone number so they don’t see the same number over and over.” Shipley, along with Tom Lunt and Rob Sevier, runs Numero Group, a decade-long pro- ject to track down and reissue rare soul, funk, and blues from the 60s and 70s.

A personal history

“Buzzing! This place was buzzing!” Mr. Young, the tour guide, shouted as our bus plowed north on Cottage Grove from 43rd Street. “And I mean buzzing, like people everywhere, twenty-four-seven.” Within the first few minutes of this tour sponsored by…