The People’s Butcher

The highlight of the menu is what Schultz calls “the Badass BLT”: a Chinese bun stuffed generously with bacon, spinach, and sun-dried tomato aioli. Schultz spent almost six years perfecting the curing process for his bacon, and it shows.

A Return

Billed by founder Louis Farrakhan (accomplished violinist and leader of the syncretic movement The Nation of Islam) as “The Palace of the People,” Salaam Restaurant–with its smoky black windows, peroxide-white walls, and artfully carved edifice–is pretty hard to miss.

A Dining Experience

On a Tuesday night in November, diners from across the city came together in a stylish Pilsen loft to attend an underground supper club known as Tuesday Night Dinner. As befits a quiet revolution in the food world where those…

Bridgeport Pasty

Every weekday, at lunchtime, the 5800 block of Ellis Avenue becomes a sort of culinary bazaar. Food trucks pour in from all over Chicago, crowding both curbs in hopes of serving the medical and university communities at once. It’s one…

Welcome to the Litehouse

After many false starts and stops, and the growing anticipation of Hyde Parkers, the Litehouse Whole Food Grill is finally open. A brief skimming of the Litehouse’s Facebook page reveals a long history of planned openings: in September 2011, the…


The word “gastropub” is, officially speaking, only a few months old. In the culmination of about a decade’s worth of foodie plaudits and hype, the powers that be at Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary opted to include the portmanteau (of “gastronomy” and “pub”)…

A Different Sort of Cart

Maria-Elizabeth got her current cart seven months ago, and it is now arrayed with a neat and colorful display of bananas, tomatoes, and oranges. It’s part of a larger collaboration between the city of Chicago and two social service organizations, Streetwise and Neighbor Capital, to promote fruit stand vendors. The program hopes to tackle two social ills at once: unemployment and food deserts.