Beverly Swills

Hardboiled Coffee, with its shelves of pulp magazines and walls of long forgotten film noir, is only the latest addition to a neighborhood that’s unafraid to wear its history on its sleeves.

Making a Home in Englewood

In Englewood, where vacancies and foreclosures are common and neighborhood hangouts are scarce, one space, a kind of brick loft on the corner of 59th and Green, may end up as what its owner calls “a true neighborhood spot.”

Java jams

The Coffee Alley, just opened this past December, is the newest addition to the cluster of restaurants and businesses at the intersection of Racine and Taylor. It’s a slick space.

Fried Chicken for the Soul

“I highly suggest the quarter fried chicken,” says Yvette, my waitress for the day. “It’s what we’re known for around here.” Chicken quarters are lightly breaded in what seems to be a cayenne-infused breading and flour mixture, dunked into a pot of bubbling oil, and served with my choice of macaroni and cheese and chilled coleslaw.

Remember Me Ramova

A meal at the Ramova Grill, while it was open, was “just about getting fed,” reminisced chef Mark Mendez from behind the former diner’s counter, pouring his version of the classic Ramova chili into a serving dish at the same time.

The Young Ags

For ten hours last Saturday, a group of 300 green-thumbed Chicagoans congregated at the Benton House in Bridgeport to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all that is green. The event featured an array of activities, including a raw vegan…