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An Alternative Summer Breeze

This past Saturday, wedged in between the mechanical bull, the moon bounce, and shirtless Frisbee tossers, five bands took the stage as part of WHPK 88.5 FM’s annual Summer Breeze concert. The show was organized primarily by the managers of…

Growing SMALL

At Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere this past Friday, two DJs occupied the center of the room, trading off tracks from a stack of Beastie Boys LPs in honor of MCA, the group’s recently deceased co-founder. Yet neither the avid scratching of…

Playground Poets

On April 10, in the mezzanine of the South Shore Cultural Center, an unusual partnership was formed between Ed Borstein and Noah Emmanuel. Ed is a lanky 25-year-old University of Iowa graduate and drummer for the Chicago punk band T’Bone.…

Toward a Future’s Past

As the head of both the Black Metropolis Convention and Tourism Council and the Bronzeville Online Visitor Information Center, Harold Lucas has worked, he says, to ensure that Bronzeville is recognized as the city’s “premiere destination for African-American tourism and cultural life.” But his is not the only vision of the neighborhood on display Friday night in Bronzeville. Twenty-four-year-old Columbia College graduate Tempestt Hazel joined with Lucas to present “The Future’s Past”–an art exhibit and community retrospective at the Blanc Gallery, which aims to provide an “introductory glimpse into the histories of Chicago’s Black Metropolis.”

Grapes of Change

Bill Lavicka, an eccentric rehabber and preservationist, has proposed turning the Raber House into a winery and vineyard. The rehab initiative, which he refers to as the “Chateau Chicago” project, aims to transform the long-abandoned building into a multiuse space for grape cultivation and wine sales.