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Disarming Feminism

Angela Davis called for a new, expanded conception of feminism that would incorporate more inclusive imaginings of gender and race and challenge systems of mass incarceration. At times, however, Davis’ enthusiasm for expansion threatened to dilute the force of her speech.

This is Not a Jazz Band

Rather than taking influence from the homogeneity of the present, Cohran seeks out more personal inspiration. “I realized that I am eternal,” he said, explaining the inspiration behind his songs. “I have ancestors who are expressed through me every day.”

The Lost Stories of ’68

Out of all the documents of the landmark, radical left protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, most people tend to focus on those involving the Youth International Party (more commonly known as the Yippies) and the Abby Hoffman-led “Chicago Seven.”

Mapping the New Literary City

“Show us your ghosts,” Rachel Hyman pleads in the opening manifesto of her upcoming “Anthology of Chicago” project, an online literary journal which seeks to collect stories representing new perspectives on Chicago’s various well-defined territories. “Show us the essence of your neighborhood; tell us something we don’t already know.” The undertaking seeks to undo old stereotypes and truisms about the “City of Neighborhoods.”