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Carlo Rotella

  Carlo Rotella is a journalist and professor of English at Boston College. His latest collection of long-form pieces, “Playing in Time,” was published in September by the University of Chicago Press. Both as a journalist and an academic, Rotella explores the narratives we…

Slow-Motion Emergency

Everyone was well fed–Diane Adams made sure of it. The 56-year-old ran back and forth across the Woodlawn Mental Health Center so fast her red and orange outfit blurred into a comet.

Forces in Focus

“Riffs” is a collection of the artist’s photographs and films. Together, the images swirl around the singular subject of life in Northern Africa, a place where colonizers came for raw resources, the Rolling Stones for drugs, and now European corporations for profit.

A Second Look

[nggallery id=33] Cyrus Dowlatshahi is a 30-year-old Hyde Park native, Iranian-American, Vassar alum, and massage therapist. To explore a side of Chicago more often misunderstood than seen, Dowlatshahi is taking on his preferred designation–filmmaker. The project sounds quite simple–with $25,000…

Creative Futures

Bruce Taylor began the first day of class by asking his nine students why they were given their first names. “I was named Joy,” responded one student, “because my daddy said I brought joy into his life.” After two beats…

Dorothy’s Dilemma

“No Place Like Home” examines the “dissonances between the ideal and the reality of home,” according to a statement written by the show’s curator, Dawoud Bey. To the dismay of audiences everywhere, Bey claims, “the secure, idealized place [Dorothy] wishes to return to is one that exists largely as a mythic and nostalgic construct.” In other words, there really is no place like home.