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Equal opportunity offender

Comedy is like sex” began South African standup comedian Trevor Noah. This opening line from last Thursday’s event, which was sponsored by the UofC’s Students Promoting Interracial Networks and the African-Caribbean Students’ Association, earned both gasps and chuckles.

Lessons from the Barbershop

“This is the best barber school in Chicago,” says Charles R. Lenox, a toothy, caramel-complexioned man with a Bluetooth in his ear. Charles, who carries a photo of himself with his daughter at her graduation from the University of Chicago last year, has been cutting hair for 24 years. “I decided it was finally time to make it official and get licensed. When asked why he thinks the time is right, he responds with a playful grin, “I like to do hair. It’s fun; it’s an art.”

Hunting and gathering records

Delirious “whoops” only world record-breakers could produce emanated from the main quad of the University of Chicago campus at 5:40pm last Friday. Admittedly, the celebration was premature–the old record was still standing–but if the endless mass of individuals filling the quad stuck with the challenge, breaking the record was certainly imminent.

City upon a hill

Tim Keller looked like an accountant as he stood on the Skyline Ballroom’s stage last Thursday for the closing remarks of “Christ+City: A Call for Renewal,” the daylong conference about for the role of the Gospels in Chicago urban life.

The bee’s knees

This past Saturday, Edie and a swarm of assistants traveled to Hyde Park to impart a few words of wisdom to a nascent group of beekeepers at the latest rendition of the Op Shop on 53rd and Ellis.