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A New Song

The flashing disco lights signal that a musical performance is about to begin. An artist picks up the mic, singing one of his old Mexican favorites, barely even looking at the screen for the correct lyrics. And this tradition is part of a larger project, called the People’s Stage.

Pigskins and Ponytails

The Chicago Force, the city’s sole female professional tackle football team, is currently un-defeated in their division of the Women’s Football Alliance, busting through gender barriers like they bust through an offensive line.

Not-so-secret Lair

A day before opening, First Aid Comics’ new location was covered in cardboard boxes and unassembled shelves. Though a disinterested passerby may simply see a mess, the store’s owner, James Nurss, sees potential.

Business as casual

A few times every month, the Black Professional Socialites get together to relax and mingle through different recreational activities including playing board games and salsa dancing. Dodgeball, it appears, allows for slightly more aggressive elbow-brushing.