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Gimme Shelter 2013

Every year, between April and June, the student population of Hyde Park rearranges itself. Boxes are packed, dorm rooms are vacated, U-Hauls get rented, leases are signed, and a whole lot of students try and memorize a new address.

The Interview Issue

At the Weekly, we try our hardest to chronicle the many narratives unfolding on the South Side. This week, we’re turning the work over to others. Welcome to the interview issue.

What You See Ain’t What You Get

Thad Kellstadt’s drawings and mixed-media sculptures are an attempt to define this world, the one that exists outside of our ability to apprehend it. His latest exhibition, “This House Ain’t A Home,” illustrates and “imagines the possible interior lives of objects and materials,” revealing that our constructed, articulated environments are ultimately composed of things–like, actual things.

Many Truths

Paul Hopkin, curator of the Pilsen gallery Slow, embraces multiple perspectives in Slow’s newest show, “the low down.” The exhibition, a tribute to the subjectivity that colors our lives, features the work of photographers Caroline Allison and Danica Favorito and sculptor Jeffrey Grauel.

Tragic Musings

The works adorning the walls represent these categories in diverse styles and traditions so that neoclassical and expressionist paintings occupy the same space. The exhibition is not drawn from any particular movement but seeks instead to present the viewer with general images of sorrow and anger, chronicling human pain.

The Hip-hop Populist

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between politics and show business–both celebrities and senators must endure a loss of privacy, hair and make up crews, and appearances on Oprah. At the first political rally…

Time Signatures

Glancing skyward and whispering concerns about the weather, concertgoers listened tensely, ready to reach for umbrellas or dash indoors at the first sign of a downpour. Members of the audience sat before the tented stage and milled around the pavilion on the Midway Plaisance, looking out from behind winter coats and $6 pulled pork sandwiches. The sound of the University of Chicago’s Jazz X-tet, an ensemble composed of undergraduate musicians that features the poetic stylings of Chicago native Khari B., boomed from the speakers in the Goose Island Beer Garden. The pavilion was overcome with the pleasantly erratic sounds of brass and percussion.

Best of the South Side 2010

The original name for Bridgeport was Hardscrabble. Historically a haven for European immigrants, especially Polish and Lithuanian, the neighborhood’s constant flux of diversity is mostly responsible for Bridgeport’s violent past. Irish and German gangs waged turf wars on its streets in the nineteenth century, setting a precedent for the bloody clashes between Eastern European ethnic groups in the last hundred years. But the twentieth century also saw the area’s Mexican and Chinese populations grow steadily, and at present, Bridgeport has a thriving Mexican community, with about 30% of its inhabitants identifying as Hispanic or Latino.