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You May Not Know What Happened

According to the Electromagnetic Spectrum, the “host” of “The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act,” the play is supposed to “cover some important basics: the Yeti, Charles Darwin, miracles versus non-miracles, lying, fact-checking, rope-making methods of Siberia, and flying mammals.”

After the Dust Settles

In her latest installation, “A Bad Idea Seems Good Again,” Alison Ruttan bridges the gap between home and the battlefield through a collection of small-scale clay replicas of buildings damaged in conflict.

Chatham State of Mind

“This neighborhood has changed drastically,” says one Chatham resident, “and I am not happy about it.” Many other residents, she insists, feel the same way. “They’re really pissed off about what’s going on here. We are not happy.”

Graffiti Graduates

Graffiti writing is by nature eye-catching, designed to capture the fickle attention of the passersby. “Has Beens & Wannabes” at the Zhou B Art Center certainly bears the imprint of this heritage.

Welcome to the Litehouse

After many false starts and stops, and the growing anticipation of Hyde Parkers, the Litehouse Whole Food Grill is finally open. A brief skimming of the Litehouse’s Facebook page reveals a long history of planned openings: in September 2011, the…

A Conservative Prognosis

Short, round in the middle, and balding on the top, William Kristol resembles nothing if not an aging torpedo. A torpedo that is, perhaps, past its aerodynamic prime, but still not something you want fired in your direction. As his…

The man of stone

Built into the raised divider that separates S. Lake Park Ave. from the Metra, the Hyde Park Historical Society itself is a testament to the bygone. Originally a waiting room for cable cars, the small redbrick building is furnished with…