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Open Air

Several years ago in Viroqua, Wisconsin (pop. 5,079), a group of serious radio-heads started a community station. The station, Radio Driftless, is now on FM and broadcasts full-time, and since they hit the airwaves, Viroqua has had the radio bug.…

Seeing Red

Koretsky’s innovative, confrontational style is grounded in experimental techniques and emotionally charged imagery. Its bold assertion of a universal vision for mankind–a world free from racism and capitalist oppression–marks a departure from the patriotic classicism characterized by the Socialist Realist art of Koretsky’s contemporaries.

New Brews

Started by Samuel and his brother Jesse, the New Chicago Brewing Company, which is currently under construction, will soon occupy 13,000 sq. ft. of the Peer Foods Building in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. In this post-Goose Island buyout world, the brewery aims to utilize innovative and sustainable brewing practices to create a beer unique to Chicago.

Problem Child

Did you suck your thumbs as a child? Even if you didn’t, imagine being a thumb-sucking child. Then, imagine seeing images of other thumb-suckers having their thumbs brutally removed from their hands and devoured.  If you were a character in…

Core Values

The text on a sign posted outside of the Hyde Park Art Center was the only advertisement for the exhibit “Signs and wonders shall appear” by New Zealand artist Maddie Leach. The work consisted of several milk crates full of apples sitting on a dock at Jackson Harbor, almost two miles away from the sign. Viewers had to make the trek. To demand this kind of persistence from one’s viewership seems to confront the usual one-way relationship between art and its audience, but visitors were rewarded; everyone could take home up to two pounds of ripe, delicious art objects. Leach humbly described her ideal viewers as “people who want to make pie.”