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John Walker

“Most of the people I grew up with went to prison. Why? Because they were chasing the American Dream the only way they knew how to chase it.”

Eyeing the field

For the first few minutes of last Saturday’s political debate, candidates for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s empty Second Congressional District seat outnumbered audience members.

A Different Sort of Cart

Maria-Elizabeth got her current cart seven months ago, and it is now arrayed with a neat and colorful display of bananas, tomatoes, and oranges. It’s part of a larger collaboration between the city of Chicago and two social service organizations, Streetwise and Neighbor Capital, to promote fruit stand vendors. The program hopes to tackle two social ills at once: unemployment and food deserts.

Thalia’s Memories

[nggallery id=47] “Some things stay with you,” says Linda Baumgardner. She’s walking and reminiscing with her sisters, Lillian and Sally, and the object of their nostalgia is a large, graystone structure on Allport Street in Pilsen. It’s a monumental building…

Celebrating Taste

The sign on a nearby bank building read 103 degrees Fahrenheit, 39 degrees Celsius. It seemed like it had to be a mistake–but then again, maybe the day itself had gotten hotter in anticipation of Mole de Mayo, a festival…

Miss Lee’s Good Food

The small neon sign taking up the narrow storefront window tells you what you need to know:  Miss Lee’s Good Food. The neighborhood is tough–like many unassuming takeouts across the South Side, the kitchen and cash register are closed off…