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Persistence of Vision

As you enter the apartment at 55th and Hyde Park, the projector is on your left. Straight ahead, a canvas covered with what looks like multi-colored sponges hangs on a wall. When I ask about it, Julian Antos urges me…

Without Notice

On October 27, Regents Park was sold by Crescent Heights to Antheus, a developer locally represented by MAC Property Management. What that sale meant for the building’s employees remained unclear until 6pm, when Paul Richter, who had been the building manager for the past 23 years, carried his things out the front door.

Nightmare Theatre

Dream Theatre’s Halloween-inspired production, “Audience Annihilated: Women Only Train”–a powerful and surreal theatrical experience that’s part psychological thriller, part horror film, and part haunted house, was performed five times a night for the ten nights leading up to Halloween, each cycle welcoming an audience of four people at maximum.

A dream that I can speak to

“You have no idea how bad it really was–you’re just seeing a film.” As she spoke, the blonde filmgoer stood and motioned to the projection screen, her wide eyes flitting over the black and white faces surrounding her.

Back of the Yards

Just southwest of the former Union Stockyards, there’s a neighborhood that, for better or for worse, will always be defined by them. While the area is still heavily blue-collar, the grim realities of stockyard life immortalized in Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” have drifted off into history.

The Transformation

Chicago Housing Authority’s “Plan for Transformation,” which started in 2000, is the “largest and most ambitious redevelopment effort of public housing in our country’s history.” CHA has already begun a series of demolitions, relocations, renovations, and new constructions–yet it remains to be seen how much can truly be changed.

The New DuSable

In the 50 years since the DuSable was founded, over 125 black history museums have opened across the country, many of them with new facilities and large budgets. The renovation of the historic 19th-century roundhouse building that sits next door to the museum’s current location is the DuSable’s latest attempt to keep up with its newer counterparts.

Winter lovin’

Maybe you can try to levitate, or something,”the guitarist for Magic Gloves joked to the straight-faced crowd. He was two songs into his band’s set in the basement of Roxaboxen art gallery, which last Friday hosted Contraphonic Record’s third annual “Winter of Love” party, the local label’s attempt to cure the winter blues.