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Beverly Swills

Hardboiled Coffee, with its shelves of pulp magazines and walls of long forgotten film noir, is only the latest addition to a neighborhood that’s unafraid to wear its history on its sleeves.

Hussein Castillo

  Hussein Castillo is part restauranteur, part chirpy tourist ambassador. Only twenty-eight, he runs a restaurant called Garifuna Flava in Chicago Lawn, just west of the intersection of 63rd and Western. He’s had luminaries of the celebrity food world step…

The Future of Woodlawn’s Housing

As the city and HUD plan Woodlawn’s future, some yearn for something more like the past. The official plan is an irresistible, seductive vision of Woodlawn’s future–a neighborhood reinventing itself anew as a place safe, immaculate, comfortable, and nothing like it was for the past couple of decades. But, will it work?

Upon Leaving Town

It’s an alluring conceit: Chicago, a city so varied, so complex, and so radically different from one block to the next that one can never truly belong to it.  In “You Were Never in Chicago,” part memoir and part love…

Debate League

They all looked alike: understated white, blue or pink shirts and dresses, perhaps a jacket draped on the back of the chair, sporting loosened ties and conservative handbags. Most of the attendees were teachers. On last Wednesday night, however, similarities stopped at the sartorial at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

A Life & Story

  Timuel Black Jr., aged 8 months old, and his two parents, both sharecroppers from Alabama, arrived in Chicago in August 1919. The parents were only a generation removed from the scars of slavery and the Civil War, and found…

Things Past

The past is a foreign country ripe for exploration in “On Making Things Matter,” the Southside Hub of Production’s last show in their Fenn House home. On four floors dedicated to the themes of memory and leaving, artists explore the…

Out but not Down

Just as the modest wooden structure in the yard at 57th and Woodlawn brings together events from different times and places, SHoP was intended from its beginnings in October 2011 to provide a meeting point for differing perspectives. SHoP’s current arrangement, however, will soon be coming to an end in the summer with the expiration of their lease from the Unitarian Church.