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Fairly Muted Charisma

Measured self-effacement has become a sort of unwritten code for writers of a certain prominence, and Jeffrey Eugenides–bestseller, Pulitzer winner, and Oprah’s Book Club inductee–seems to have gotten the memo.


The word “gastropub” is, officially speaking, only a few months old. In the culmination of about a decade’s worth of foodie plaudits and hype, the powers that be at Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary opted to include the portmanteau (of “gastronomy” and “pub”)…

Dark Harmonies

Staging James Joyce’s moody short story “The Dead” as a holiday musical shouldn’t work. The story, after all, though set at an annual holiday gathering, ends up as one of the most foreboding and darkly poignant pieces in his collection Dubliners.…