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Walking with the dead

The exposed rafters of the old Pullman Railcar factory looked ominous against the gray sky. But across the street, artist Linda Bullen welcomed visitors into her warm and colorful home for a celebration of Día de los Muertos. Bullen, an artist, originally became interested in the Mexican-Catholic tradition through an admiration of its art.

Saturn Ascends

An otherworldly drone wavers in and out of audible range, welcoming visitors to the show, “In a Saturnian World.” The exhibit’s walls set up a loosely circular trajectory, throwing visitors into orbit as they enter the University of Chicago’s Renaissance Society.

Rhyme and place

The poet Fanny Howe, a slight, jittery woman of 59 years, visited the University of Chicago last Thursday and Friday, giving a reading the first day and a lecture on her philosophy of poetry the second. Preferring to sit on…