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Ivan Brunetti

“Well, Chicago is pretty much all I know. I couldn’t function anywhere else. I’m like one of those microbes that symbiotically lives inside a crab’s anus. Change makes me anxious.”

Panels on the Wall

It’s strange to see comics up on gallery walls–not because they are somehow unworthy of a gallery setting, but because they seem to live and die in the books, newspapers, and portable electronic devices on which a single pair of…

Everybody loves Raymond’s

I have to watch my step as I hop up three outside stairs to the densely tiled interior. A series of signs, posted at eye level along all four walls, remind me not to talk on my cell phone while ordering, to pay in cash, and, of course, to feel welcome. It’s 10:30am, the witching hour between breakfast and brunch. But Raymond’s is hopping. A line of patrons leans along the front counter, ordering in a mix of English and Spanish.

The Four Stomachs of Sustainability

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Eisenmann Biogas System in the gravel backyard of the Plant on November 9th, speakers ranging from Alderman Pat Dowell to Eisenmann President Mark West tried to explain how the System, represented by a circle in the gravel, would work.

Directing Democracy

If you didn’t know what was at stake, you might have mistaken the 5th Ward Neighborhood Assembly at St. Philip Neri School in South Shore for a small PTA meeting. By 6:40pm, less than two dozen people had gathered in the school’s blue- tiled gymnasium, only enough to fill the first two of the ten rows of seats that had been set up.