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Condensed Milk

Danh Vo says, “I’m not so much concerned about things; I try not to categorize myself.” The audience nods, “mhhmm-ing” and smiling. It is, in a way, endearing. Vo sits on the stage, his legs crossed, wearing a grey shirt,…

Hyde Park Knights

Three University of Chicago undergraduates who don hoodies instead of shining armor, wield UCIDs instead of crests, and iPhones instead of lances may not be the epitome of medieval warriors, but these three students take to the streets with bravado and a passion for service.

Game, Set, Match

Bibiana Suárez’s latest exhibit–an installation piece that combines the voluptuous rear-end of Jennifer Lopez, three glittery cowboys, vintage maps, and hand-painted signage–is an exhibit that attempts to speak for the growing sentiment of latinidad. The notion of a pan-ethnic solidarity…

Float On

Working with his ChiArts students everyday after school and on weekends for the past few months, Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford has designed and begun to build usable rafts out of discarded construction materials from projects on the University of Chicago campus.

State of disbelief

Hosted by the Secular Student Association in the UofC’s Reynolds Club, the Spirit Week kickoff Superstition Bash was intended to be an irreverent reversal of rituals and a transgression of taboos.

Let’s Talk about REX, baby

“Well…Ruben was my first kiss…” Alexis Mayoski says as she stamps puckering pink lips onto punch-cut tags. She points to a figurine of a kissing boy and girl atop a glittery teal counter top. ”So I sort of made a…