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Radical Hospitality

Urban Village might seem like another church in a neighborhood already full of churches, but it is determined to set itself apart from the regimented, traditional ways in which Christianity is practiced elsewhere on the South Side.

Bombing Style

Mario Gonzalez Jr. calls himself a “graffiti purist, hard core.” In his show “Style Bombing,” Gonzalez brings that artistry to the gallery, expertly walking the line between fine art and street art.

Monologues of Matter

“What does he think he is? White or something?” This line, half serious and half a joke, delivered by a bombastic barber, hits a chord that resonates throughout eta Creative Arts Foundation’s current show.

Lofts and Loss

It was October 12th, and the private studios at the Cermak Center had opened all four floors of their loft space for a Chicago Artists Month group show.

Capturing Community

Dawoud Bey’s portraits have a habit of staring you down. You get sucked in, ensnared by the subject’s eyes and attitude. “Charita, 2002,” like many of Bey’s portraits featured in the Renaissance Society’s Picturing People, hits you full on. Direct…

Comics’ Royal Family

If ever there was a power family in the world of comics, cartoons, and graphic novels, it would be the Mouly-Spiegelman clan. The family is comprised of Art Spiegelman, Françoise Mouly, and their daughter, Nadja Spiegelman. Though they each wear…