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In La Villita

Quiara Alegría Hudes’s story of Washington Heights, Manhattan could have been adapted into a musical about Chicago’s Southwest Side–and in a few small ways, it was.

Drink local

“We only serve water here,” asserted a young female volunteer tending a Revolution tap. But her serious face soon cracked a smile, indicating that, yes, she would pour me a glass of IPA as soon as she rinsed it out.…

Cooling Off

“This isn’t retro, this is vintage,” says Bill Gertos, stern but smiling. Busy frying up eggs over-easy, burgers, and hashbrowns seven days a week at the 82-year old Ramova Grill, Gertos has lately taken on another role behind the counter–historian…

Waiting for the Bus

Today, there is no bus along 31st Street. In the neighborhoods the street cuts through, east-west bus service is lacking. Between Cermak Road and 47th Street, Chicago’s grid system of bus service breaks down, leaving large areas of white space on the CTA system map and roughly 200,000 people without a direct route.


Bridgeport is one of Chicago’s “up-and-coming” neighborhoods. New foodie havens, a booming arts scene, and hopping nightlife beckon twenty-somethings and art types from across the city. While it is certifiably hip, Bridgeport feels strangely isolated from its surrounding communities in terms of geography and character, which gives it a quirky, organic hometown vibe.

Null and Void

According to the artist, “It Is What It Isn’t” is an attempt to “systematize and compartmentalize a huge concept: the void.” Freiburg breaks the void down into three categories: absence, loss, and the unknown, which respectively correspond with the numbers seven, five, and three.

Mark My Words

Typeforce 2, which opened last Friday at Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere, makes a strong case for Chicago’s place as the second city of typographic design.