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Sunrooms in the Off-Season

Hyde Park voyeurs have one Chicago architect in particular to thank for the ease with which they can observe their neighbors. The man in question, early 20th century designer Andrew Sandegren, is credited with the proliferation of the proto-solariums that…

High-Octane Sound

Johnny Drummer wants to know if Lady Cadillac is in the building. A woman at the back of the joint in white go-go boots, ostensibly not Lady Cadillac, calls out to the septuagenarian bluesman, letting him know that he is …


[nggallery id=25] The communal dining room and kitchen at Northwest Mental Health Center has long been a fixture of programming at the clinic. Rosa Torres, who has worked as a clinical therapist at Northwest for 21 years, recalls how busy…

Party Classics

Dan Labovitch was no stranger to the “visor, pacifier, and huge pants” look back in the day. But aesthetics come and go with the movements that define them, and Labovitch, one of the founders of, can certainly attest to that.

DOVA’s New Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder, a sculptor, painter, curator and site-specific installation-creator for over three decades, will begin her tenure as chair of the University’s Department of Visual Arts (DOVA) this summer.

Ghosts of Camp Douglas

The history of Camp Douglas seems especially poignant this time of year. Halloween’s parallel in Christian theology is All Souls’ Day, which recognizes the dead trapped in limbo. Camp Douglas is responsible for the 6000-plus Confederates interred in a mass grave in the South Side’s Oak Woods Cemetery.