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Red Line Rehab

On May 19, the southern portion of the Red Line will be shut down for a $425 million rehabilitation project. Over twenty thousand South Siders will have to find an alternative route to work.

The Young Ags

For ten hours last Saturday, a group of 300 green-thumbed Chicagoans congregated at the Benton House in Bridgeport to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for all that is green. The event featured an array of activities, including a raw vegan…

Lao You Ju

Chicago certainly has no shortage of celebrity chefs with growing restaurant empires. But most of them are busy colonizing the North Side. Here on the South Side, celebrity chef Tony Hu is starting to become a household name, at least in Chinatown, where he just opened his fifth restaurant, Lao You Ju Restaurant and Lounge.

The Unholy Trinity

At her opening at Pilsen’s Plaines Project on Friday night, Polly Yates–a slight, pretty, dark-haired woman–blends into the well-dressed crowd, drinking wine, and eating crackers and hummus on the space’s lower floor. She’s dressed in black and mingles with only…

An American Success

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas came out twice. The first time was at Mountain View High School when he announced to his class that he was gay after watching a documentary on Harvey Milk. The second time he…

Quietly Provocative

The face behind all of the genitalia, racial slurs, vomit, tongues, human feces, urine, breasts, and crude depictions of “Coco River Fudge Street” is a reticent, mild-mannered, and self-critical man in his early thirties.

South Side Crescendo

When one considers Chicago African-American music, the first things that come to mind are probably twelve-bar blues and stirring gospel. But Cornelius V. Johnson, the calm and sagacious Artistic Director and tenor of the South Shore Opera Company (SSOC), which…