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Which Side Are You On?

For parents, the strike meant time off of work or shelling out for extra childcare–sometimes even improvised home schooling. For students, it meant valuable class time lost, or for the less studious, surprise no school days. For teachers, it meant…

Together Again

The third annual MDW Fair, a collection of 75 exhibitors from Chicago and beyond, took up the first and second floors of the Mana Contemporary Chicago space from Friday, November 9 to Sunday, November 11. The website for the fair declares it to be a “showcase for independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries, and artist groups.” Yet, unlike many art expositions–the recent Expo Chicago held at Navy Pier comes to mind–its goal is not to promote sales or artists’ profiles, but rather to foster community: artists, craftsmen, and publishers gather for a weekend to interact with one another and the public in a pressure-free environment of art lovers.

Route 666

Four men, one woman; she’s blonde, while the guys sport variations of an unkempt jet-black mop. She, Lariyah Daniels, traverses the stage in a leather corset, while her band- mates assume their positions: guitarists riffing with their legs wide apart, drummer headbang- ing, everyone wearing an evil grin.

The Plaster Caster

Cynthia Albritton, a Chicago native and South Side resident better known as “Cynthia Plaster Caster,” has lived the dream of teenage girls around the world. A self-titled “recovering groupie,” she has been making plaster casts of rock stars’ naughty bits…

Looking Back

The first public showing of a young artist’s work is uniquely electric–the air carries a quiet humility and the hum of potential. The nervous energy is infectious. Multiply this by four and you have the feel of [Per-Sep-Shuhn], the senior…

This Boy’s Life

The ACRE program’s one-room gallery may seem misplaced, being the only non-residential establishment next to a large empty parking lot on a side street in Pilsen. But for Adam Blumberg’s Boys’ Life, the one-room gallery space is perfect. It seems…

Body Image

What connects the cacophony of a basement punk show with the solidity of geometric shapes? Or a young suburban woman with thick green clouds of smoke? Seductive pastel nudes with gold coins? Matt Maniscalco, Jennifer Cronin, and Ian Mitchell Wallace all manage to harmonize these seemingly disparate concepts in “Embody,” a display of contemporary figure painting at Black Cloud Gallery.