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Common Law

When the Guardian Angels are not putting their lives at risk on the streets, they are holding self-defense workshops to teach others how to protect themselves.

Common Law

Sporting their trademark red berets and white hoodies, Miguel “3rd Rail” Fuentes and his fellow members of the Chicago chapter of the Guardian Angels risk their lives attempting to deter crime and save the lives of strangers.

In Search of Yak

Chicago, for all its huffing and puffing about being a “global” city, has long lacked contact with the good denizens of the Himalayas and their tasty cuisine. Nepal House aims to change that, currying flavor one meal at a time.

El Hajji El Shabazz

El Hajji El Shabazz has been cutting hair on the South Side throughout some of the city’s, and nation’s, most turbulent changes. Born Thomas Anthony Williams Jr., El Shabazz has manned the shears at his 87th Street Truth & Soul…

Africa in America

  It was late on a frigid Wednesday night, and I was stranded miles from home. Immersed in a sea of unfamiliar faces, I was at a loss to ask someone for a ride home. My company was warm, but…

Batting 300 Million

  They say it takes a village to raise a child. But what does the child say about the village? What if the village happens to be a testosterone-fueled 300 million dollar megalopolis of athletics conceived by a boisterous alderman…

Dog Eat Dog World

On the way to the Twilight Zone, it’s possible that you’ll find two identical hot dog stands adjacent to one another, each offering the exact same meals for the exact same prices.