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House Keeping

The Anti-Eviction Campaign scouts out abandoned homes and arranges for people to live in them, matching “homeless people with peopleless homes.” “It’s not necessarily about what’s right or what ought to happen, but fundamental human dignity.”

The People’s Butcher

The highlight of the menu is what Schultz calls “the Badass BLT”: a Chinese bun stuffed generously with bacon, spinach, and sun-dried tomato aioli. Schultz spent almost six years perfecting the curing process for his bacon, and it shows.

The Gathering

Hans Knapp has lived at the corner of 33rd and Halsted his entire life. Now, having graduated from DePaul with a math degree, he’s setting up shop just across the street. Joining him are two of his brothers, his friends, and…

Bridgeport Pasty

Every weekday, at lunchtime, the 5800 block of Ellis Avenue becomes a sort of culinary bazaar. Food trucks pour in from all over Chicago, crowding both curbs in hopes of serving the medical and university communities at once. It’s one…

The Sip

                                    Hyde Park residents have long talked about what the community doesn’t have. Debates over the merits of potential chain restaurants or clothing…