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Uncomfortable Intimacy

Last weekend at the Co-Prosperity Sphere, “Trying to be cute bc the abyss” briefly turned the commodious white-walled gallery into an intimate space. This intimacy was not synonymous with comfort.


Like most people, Annie Robinson says she “used to see aging as a decline.” Now, however, she’s learned to look forward to growing old–”it’s a sort of renaissance,” she says.

Remember Me Ramova

A meal at the Ramova Grill, while it was open, was “just about getting fed,” reminisced chef Mark Mendez from behind the former diner’s counter, pouring his version of the classic Ramova chili into a serving dish at the same time.

Power from the People

“Something needs to be done, and something needs to be done now!” Reverend Booker Steven Vance’s canorous voice enveloped the crowd that filled West Point Missionary Baptist Church in Bronzeville. “Something needs to be done now,” repeated a rather tall,…

A happy, healthy soul

There’s nothing like food and laughter to strengthen communities and heal maladies. The basement auditorium of the UofC’s Logan Center was peppered with plenty of both on Sunday afternoon for the premiere Chicago screening of “Soul Food Junkies,” a new documentary by filmmaker Byron Hurt about a tasty, filling, and possibly damaging food culture.

Dungeons, Dragons, and Design

“I was thinking about turning the implicit interactivity of gaming into something viewers could be a part of,” muses Jesse Avina, contemplative artist, while adjusting the reflectors on his tripod. This sentiment was shared by his fellow exhibitors at the Co-Prosperity Sphere’s LVL Eater 3 exhibition on Friday.

Room for change

There is a difference between a room filled with people crippled by painful circumstances and one filled with people who have been galvanized into action to change them.  The auditorium at the University of Chicago School of Social Administration last…

A discussion for change

For most of us, the weekends are a time to relax, to push our cares and worries to the side, and look away from our problems.  But this Sunday, October 7, a group of dedicated citizens and leaders from communities…