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Banking Small

Last spring, the University of Chicago distributed $1 million to banks and community development financial institutions on the South Side in an ongoing effort to extend the university’s mission beyond pure academics.

Fried Chicken for the Soul

“I highly suggest the quarter fried chicken,” says Yvette, my waitress for the day. “It’s what we’re known for around here.” Chicken quarters are lightly breaded in what seems to be a cayenne-infused breading and flour mixture, dunked into a pot of bubbling oil, and served with my choice of macaroni and cheese and chilled coleslaw.

Oliver’s Cafe

Despite its recent inception, there was a quaint sense of comfort that pervaded every detail of Oliver’s Cafe. At the corner of 31st and Canal Street, Oliver’s Café offers an intimate dining experience that serves high-class food, presenting dishes that…

Exploring the Closet

At the top of a dimly-lit flight of stairs, tucked away in a third floor apartment overlooking busy 18th street is Queer Thoughts (QT), a new apartment gallery in Pilsen focusing on the exploration of queer thought through art. The…